Lundergan Grimes wows crowd at bean supper

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By William Carroll



Kentucky Secretary of State and U.S. Senate hopeful Alison Lundergan Grimes fired up the crowd Friday night during the Spencer County Democrats’ bean soup supper.
Grimes, who was the keynote speaker, received several loud rounds of applause from the audience at Spencer Christian Church as she railed against her opponent, U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell.
Grimes began her speech by pointed out McConnell’s long tenure in the Senate, which began in 1984.
“Big hair was in for the women, cut-off sweatshirts, they were all the rage … Wham, that was the band of the time.” Grimes said. “I’ve checked and those things aren’t coming back in 2015 so I don’t think Mitch McConnell should either.”
Grimes said that McConnell is proud of his self proclaimed titles “Doctor of no” and “Guardian of gridlock” and that he is the symbol of gridlock in Washington, D.C.
“Kentuckians are tired of the dysfunction and McConnell is that the center of that dysfunction.” Grimes said.
According to Grimes, McConnell has proven himself to be against a variety of women’s issues including the Violence Against Women Act and the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. Grimes also chastised McConnell on veterans issues including his failure to support the Vow to Hire Heros act and various tax incentives including the earned income tax credit and the childcare tax credit, which Grimes said veterans need.
Grimes further challenged McConnell on supporting measures and tax incentives that resulted in jobs being sent overseas and for his failure to support an increase in the minimum wage. She said that her first act would be to put her name to legislation supporting an increase in the minimum wage.
Grimes also touted her own accomplishments as secretary of state working with members of the general assembly including passing a tax incentives for farmers encouraging them to donate food to food banks and passing an address confidentiality program for victims of domestic violence.
After the speech Grimes spent several minutes meeting with members of the assembled crowd which included local political hopefuls.
During a separate interview with the Spencer Magnet, Grimes said that she is very excited about the momentum and enthusiasm her campaign has brought statewide. She said that she believes she has an excellent chance to win because the people of Kentucky are tired of McConnell. She again highlighted her commitment to raising the minimum wage and her support for women’s causes and issues, which she feels have been neglected by McConnell.