Main Street meth bust

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Report of chemical odor, ‘explosion’ leads to discovery

By Shannon Brock

Taylorsville Police located a clandestine methamphetamine lab in a Main Street apartment on Sunday, but have yet to arrest the person responsible for making it.

Police received a report of strong chemical odor at 136 Main Street, Apartment 3, on Sunday night, with the caller also referencing a small explosion that occurred earlier in the day — enough to “rattle the windows,” Chief Toby Lewis said.
It is unknown why the explosion was not reported sooner, Lewis said.
Officers arrived at the scene and could smell the chemical odor from outside the apartment door, but no one answered the door, Lewis said.
After talking with neighbors to gather more information, officers obtained a search warrant and located a small active lab inside, but no one was at the apartment.
A Kentucky State Police clandestine lab cleanup team, made up of KSP Trooper Chris Martin, KSP Trooper Shane Wall and Taylorsville Police Officer Todd Walls, rendered the lab safe, Lewis said.
Walls was trained in the cleanup procedures earlier this year, Lewis said.
Complete cleanup of the lab took until nearly 6 a.m. Monday morning, he said.
Lewis said attempts to contact the landlord of the property were unsuccessful as of Monday afternoon, and said although no arrests have been made, his department has a suspect it is attempting to locate.
Meth labs are described as having a strong chemical odor similar to ammonia or cat urine, and can be constructed in common containers like a plastic soda bottle.
Police advise anyone who sees or smells a potential lab or feels a possible explosion to report it by calling the Taylorsville Police Department at 502-477-3231, the Spencer County Sheriff’s Department at 502-477-3200 or dispatch at 502-477-5533.