Maintaining your pet’s health is important, too

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By DR. DAN BENSION, Veterinarian
Health has always been important. Recently, health care has pushed to focus on prevention to help avoid the limits of reactive medicine and care.

It is much better to lead a life that will promote health and wellness, rather than live in a way that we know will harm our health and then attempt to fix the diseases that may result.

This is sometimes not so obvious when it comes to our pets. The same rules apply to our furry companions with an even more important twist.

The twist is that our pets rely on us to create a healthy lifestyle for them. In fact, we can often be the cause of unnecessary health problems in our furry partners.

At Salt River Veterinary Clinic/Animal Care Center, we are dedicated to proactive preventative pet health care. We believe that education is the key to optimal health.

We all know some simple things about our pets. We know they need the same basic things we do as humans – food, shelter and love.
How to provide them with medical care, proper food for a particular age or even species, and even better ways to bond with our pets can all be improved by education regarding your particular pet.

There are so many sources these days that it is easy to gather potentially wrong or even harmful or outdated information.

Salt River Vet prides itself on working with over 15 years of experience with a wide variety of species, including dogs, cats, horses, “pocket” pets and reptiles.

Our staff is very knowledgeable and friendly and willing to help guide and educate on all topics related to the best preventative health care methods for your pets.

A very simple, inexpensive, painless and healthy thing we can do as good pet owners is to provide proper dental care for our friends. This could range from a standard cleaning just like we receive when we go to the dentist, with an ultrasonic scaling and polishing, to a polymer sealant, which will reduce tartar build up by 47 percent. 

We also offer chicken or beef flavored toothpaste. It is much easier than you might think to brush your pet’s teeth. Even just brushing one or two times a week will greatly improve your pet’s health. Keeping your pet’s teeth clean is not just important for looks and breath. There is a definite link between dental disease and heart and kidney trouble.

In fact, proper dental care can add years to your pet’s life.

At Salt River Vet we also encourage frequent examination and blood work screening to help keep your pets healthy. Although vaccines are very important, a full physical examination and simple blood tests are very easy and inexpensive ways to get a good look at your pet’s current health.

Veterinary care has come a long way from simply getting your pets their shots. We, thankfully, have much better information and affordable technology that help our pets live longer and healthier lives than before.

Though we are dedicated to preventative care, Salt River Vet is a full service hospital. We are able to serve a wide variety of your pet’s health care needs. Besides the normal wellness check ups and vaccinations, we offer soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, ultrasound, radiology, and all aspects of internal medicine. We also offer boarding services for both cats and dogs.

Salt River Vet is proud to be a part of Taylorsville and to offer quality affordable care for many species of pets. We are especially excited to now offer acupuncture services for your pets. This ancient Chinese medical technique has been proven to benefit many aspects of health.
We currently apply these painless techniques to help with nearly all conditions from arthritic pain to heart failure or even to help with vomiting or other gastrointestinal issues. Please call and ask to speak with Dr. Dan Bension about this wonderful addition to your pet’s health care.

With the arrival of spring and better weather, it is a perfect time to begin to help create a healthy lifestyle for your pet. Please call us with any questions at 477-2966. Weíre located in the heart of Taylorsville.