Man attempts suicide by cop

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By Robin Bass

A Mt. Eden man attempted to incite his own death by threatening to kill police Sunday evening.

Gary Joe Wilson, 35, reportedly pointed an AK-47 assault rifle at Spencer County Deputy Kyle Bennett after police were called to his home on a domestic violence call.

A child at the residence called 911 to report that the father was trying to choke the mother.

While en route to the scene, officers were told that Wilson had left the residence and was hiding in the woods with the loaded semi-automatic firearm.

Bennett said he and Kentucky State Trooper Paul Secor were the first to arrive.

When Bennett encountered Wilson in the woods, Wilson was walking around with the rifle in one hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other. Bennett said the suspect stopped and sat near a tree after discovering he was being followed.

According to the deputy, Wilson’s plan was to kill the first couple of officers with his remaining three bullets in hopes of being killed in return by other police.

For a few tense minutes, Bennett and Wilson were locked in a position where each had a firearm pointed at the other.

“He asked me to shoot him,” said Bennett.

Bennett said once Wilson recognized the deputy as someone he knew, Wilson placed his rifle on the ground. Ten minutes later, Wilson was being transported to University of Louisville Hospital for an evaluation.

Wilson was released from the hospital Monday and taken to Shelby County Detention Center where he is being held on a $5,000 bond. Wilson is facing charges of assault in the fourth degree and wanton endangerment.