To market we will go: Taylorsville Farmers Market open for business starting April 5

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by MEGAN T. BLANEY, Magnet Freelancer

If you’re hungry for fresh produce, then you don’t have long to wait. The Taylorsville / Spencer County Farmers Market is opening in about a week and the vendors are already preparing their wares.“We will have all kinds of fruits and veggies, locally raised free range eggs, local meat, and a lot of baked goods, and jarred goods like jams and pickles,” said market organizer Sandi Deutsch. “And there’s always cut flowers once they come in, and of course our local raw honey. That’s another big draw.”

The market opens on April 5 and will run every Saturday through Oct. 25 – the last Saturday in October. There are usually eight to ten vendors at the Farmers’ Market and they fill the parking lot of 73 East Main Street.The market has been operating for 12 years and at this point it is now self-sufficient, said Bryce Roberts, Spencer County Agriculture extension agent. It all started as an idea and now it has taken off “on its own,” he said.
“In the beginning there was a group of folks and they wanted to get one going. We aided in that effort, and now it’s thriving,” he said. “That’s just what we wanted to see and we’re always glad to help out.”The United States Department of Agriculture calls farmers markets an “integral part of the urban/farm linkage.”
“Farmers markets allow consumers to have access to locally grown, farm fresh produce, (and) enables farmers the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with their customers,” according to the USDA.“The whole idea of the Farmers Market is eating locally and green,” said Farmers Market vendor Linda Street. “Kentucky is a wonderful place to live in that regard.”
Street, who has been selling seedlings and plants at the market for the past five years, says the market has created “a community of growers.”“It’s just good for everyone,” she said. “We’ve got a great group of loyal customers who come even on the rainy days. We’ve got great farmers that grow amazing things. It’s special to live in a town where you can walk to a place that provides affordable food.”
 Taylorsville Main Street will be offering coupons and promotions at opening day at the Farmers Market and some vendors will have special deals to commemorate the start of the season, Street said.The relationship is a symbiotic one as farmers are often able to sell their wares at a greater profit when selling directly to the consumer, and the consumer is able to obtain what they are looking for in the fresh, often-organic produce and locally grown and raised food.
But, as always, the farmers are dependent on the weather and Deutsch said some of the produce may be slightly delayed because of the extremely cold and wet winter.“A lot of things are going to be later getting to us,” she said. “It was not only the cold but the excessive wet weather as well. Things like asparagus might be a couple weeks later because of the climate.”
But consumers shouldn’t worry because most of the produce won’t be terribly impacted, Roberts said.“It’s kind of hard to tell at this point. It’s still fairly early into the growing season,” he said. “As long as we get a good warm up soon, we should have a good year as long as we get enough moisture from Mother Nature and no more drastic weather.”
And even if the weather doesn’t cooperate, there are favorite vendors whose wares don’t depend directly on the forecast.“I just want everyone to know that the bread lady will be back this year,” Deutsch said.