MATTER OF OPINION: Doing it the right way

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By Robin Bass

I believe that kudos should be given when deserved and over the past several weeks I have noticed a lot of folks doing things the right way.

By “the right way” I mean focusing on making life better for others instead of only looking out for numero uno. The task is often more difficult than it may seem – especially in a culture that encourages, and often celebrates, egocentric behavior.

But looking out for interest of others and the community at-large is not an impossible task. It is simply taking self out of the equation. It is focusing on making the lives of others easier, happier and more fulfilling. It is also about making our neighborhood, our county, our world a better place to live. Here are some examples:

Community Center

The volunteer-driven effort to build a community center does not seem to be phased by the fact that they have no funds to begin construction. Rather than wallowing in self pity – or worse, giving up – this small band of motivated residents plans to remain focused on their goal which is to bring health and wellness programs to the county. Even without designated walls for a center, plans are to partner with YMCA and provide youth programs this summer.  The focus here seems to be in the right spot, on meeting the needs of the community.

Fiscal court

Believe it or not, there once was a time when Spencer County deputies had to provide their own police vehicles. Today, deputies are still required to purchase the firearms they use while on duty.

Fiscal court made the right move recently when they allocated enough funds for the sheriff to outfit his two new hires with everything they need to attend the academy, including firearms. Magistrates need to continue that line of thinking and provide the remaining officers with county-owned weapons. This will insure that no one is using a low-cost, inferior firearm to protect your family from an attempted break-in.

Board of Adjustments

The Spencer County Board of Adjustments made the right choice in a difficult situation last week when they denied two brothers the ability to run a welding operation out of a neighborhood garage. It comes down to a quality of life issue for the residents of that subdivision and no one wants to have their biggest investment – their home – next door to a machine shop.

A father’s love

It takes a tremendous amount of love to turn your law-breaking child over to police, but that is exactly what one father did last week. I applaud that dad for being a true parent and hope others have the courage to follow his example.

Candidate forum

Thank you to the citizens who have submitted questions to be asked at the Primary Election Debate in May. If you have a question for our candidates for judge executive, magistrate or jailer, please email them to Robin Bass at editor@spencermagnet.com.