MATTER OF OPINION: Making a difference

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By Robin Bass

Congratulations to John Shircliffe for being named Citizen of the Year. The honor is well-deserved and, if I am going to be completely honest, somewhat overdue.

I spent part of Thursday afternoon chatting with Shircliffe about the new plaque he received  from the Chamber of Commerce and the standing ovation he was given by members for his accomplishments. The memories were only minutes old and he still had a broad smile plastered across his face.

Shircliffe admitted that it was nice to be rewarded for all he has done for Taylorsville and Spencer County, but recognition was not his inspiration.

So what is it that causes a man to chair a half dozen committees and be an active member of another six or so? If it is not for the approval of others, then what?

What I discovered that afternoon was that Shircliffe is a man that believes he can make a difference. He sees a vision of what could be and relentlessly pursues that dream until it is achieved. He does not let complicated details bog down his enthusiasm. He does not let the nay-sayers of the world drain his boundless energy.

“You don’t have to be elected to make a difference in this community,” said Shircliffe. “It is the ones that get in there and dig that make it happen.”

You know what? Shircliffe is right. There are a lot of things that need improving around here and we can not just sit by and wait for some politician to act. We, as citizens of this community, must take the reins and to do what we have to to get involved.

I would like to issue a challenge. Look around your neighborhood, your community, at your county while driving home from work. What do you see that needs to be improved? What would make your life easier? What would make Spencer County a cleaner, safer – a better place to live?

I’ll get you started.

The intersection of KY 55/155 and Plum Ridge Rd/Normandy Rd. needs to be redesigned. Making a left-hand turn in any direction can be a dangerous maneuver regardless of the time of day.

Since the new Dollar General store opened, the problem has been compounded. I have seen times with the line of drivers waiting at the Plum Ridge Rd. stop sign backed up nearly to a blind hill. Now, I cringe every time I pop over that hill; expecting to see stopped cars.

I realize that people who live in rural settings are not big fans of traffic lights, but there comes a point when we have to realize Spencer County is getting less and less rural. Traffic signals – or at the very least, left turn lanes – are needed to prevent the inevitable wrecks and fatalities that will continue to occur.

So what changes do you think would make a positive difference in Spencer County? Jot down your thoughts and send them to me at editor@spencermagnet.com or send me a letter at the following address:

Robin Bass, editor

P.O. Box 219

Taylorsville, Ky. 40071