FROM THE MAYOR: Looking back at city accomplishments

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By Don Pay

  For the past 3 years, in the month of March, I’ve given a “State of the City” address to the Chamber of Commerce.  This is a look back at what we have accomplished in the City of Taylorsville this year and goals for the upcoming year.  In the midst of economic downturn with all of its negative impact, we have been busy here at home and I believe we are beginning to show some positive results.

 In the general fund, water and sewer departments, we are operating in line with our 2008 – 2009 budget.  We have been able to maintain water rates without an increase for the past 2 years and expect to maintain this same rate well into next year..

 With this past year we broke ground on our 3.8 million dollar Phase III water project updating to all new water lines in the city and much of the county.  Part of this project included a new 500,000 gallon water tower on Bloomfield Road.  This project is now complete.  We are providing cleaner and better water quality and increased fire protection.

 This past January, the city entered into an Inter-local agreement with the Fire District which will result in a saving of $20,000 to the City of Taylorsville and taxpayers.

 Our new waste water treatment plant upgrade at the high school will increase capacity for new businesses.  This upgrade will lay the groundwork for re-growth when the economy begins to re-establish.

 We have added a new phone number for water and sewer questions in an effort to cut down the volume of calls to 911.  That new number is 477-0434.

 Insurance License revenue for the year and property taxes have not been raised and personal property tax was lowered.

 It’s very seldom that we ever know where our tax money goes.  We just don’t see it.  This, however, is a time you will see your taxpayer dollar at work right here at home.  Much of our city occupational tax revenue is going to rebuilding the City of Taylorsville.  The work has begun.  The Main Cross project will be complete in a few weeks.  The Washington Street Project will begin this summer, with Crume Court, Back Alley and O’Dell to begin mid-summer.  These projects will go street by street until the City is finished.  These projects will consist of street re-surfacing, new sidewalks, drainage issues, new street signs and new “Welcome to Taylorsville” signage.  Through Transportation Department grant funding our “Main Street” Phase II project is set to begin.  This will include downtown Main Street from Main Cross to Jefferson Street providing old fashioned gas light style street lamps, park benches, sidewalks, landscaping, and will feature a new “Town Plaza”.

 The Main Street development will be complete within the year.  The “Pioneer Cemetery” project, which has already begun will be completed in the fall.

 I should also mention the city has purchased through grant funding a new pump to assist the floodwall commission in flood protection for our community.  We have had a long standing need for an emergency siren warning system.  This problem will now be solved.  A grant to add 2 additional warning sirens is now being processed through FEMA.  One will serve the Highview, Earlywyne and business park area, and the other will cover the Spencer County Elementary, Middle School, Pin Oak and River Heights area.  This three siren system will give us the emergency warning protection we need for tornados and other disasters.  We have needed this for a long while.

 These projects will take time, but it will be worth it.  We are building a city that will shine for generations to come.

 As always, if I can be of any help, you can contact the mayors office at 477-9050.