FROM THE MAYOR: In praise of Taylorsville’s finest

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By Don Pay

Three weeks ago I listed several accomplishments in the city of Taylorsville over the past year.  I also made mention of our goals for the future.  However, there was one department I did not report; The city Police Department.  I felt this department needed some space of its own.

 The Taylorsville city police department consists of a 5-man team:  Police Chief Toby Lewis, LT. Rick Jewell, Officer Todd Walls, Officer Thomas Shultz and Officer Kevin Mills.  Officer Mills was hired this year from Jefferson County.  Also this year we added to the fleet of police cruisers a Ford Explorer 4x4 which was paid for by drug seizure funds.  This same funding provided new weapons for our officers.

This year Taylorsville Police along with the Fire Department hosted “Chief’s night out” at city hall. Citizens were invited to meet officers, see demonstrations, new equipment, and to learn how the police department and fire department operate within our community.  This was a big success and we will do this again soon.

This past year, the police department purchased 3 new computers for reports and investigations.  There are many crimes committed by people on the internet.  Our officers need to be knowledgeable in these areas.

In this past June, Operation Falcon, in one of the largest fugitive initiatives ever undertaken in the Eastern District of Kentucky, arrested 141 fugitives and cleared 157 warrants during a 6 day sweep.  U.S. Marshals teamed up with London PD, Kenton County Sheriff’s Department, Lexington PD and Taylorsville Police Department.

 This past October, the Taylorsville Police Department, Spencer County Sheriff’s Department and Kentucky State Police executed 28 arrest warrants on 20 individuals.  This was a result of undercover drug busts and was successful in getting drugs and drug dealers off of our streets and out of our community.

One area I feel we need help on is additional part time personnel to man the phones and file paperwork within the police department, itself.  Within a 24 hour day and 7 day week, our 5 officers cover the city with many runs out into the county.  These officers are also required to attend periodic training as well.  Our law enforcement officers must also cover the many parades, events and festivals downtown as a matter of public safety.

 As we move into the warmer months, several festivals are scheduled for historic downtown.  The Main Street Committee has scheduled a downtown cleanup event on Saturday to spruce up the city.  On April 25th will be JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) Carnival for a Cure.  This is an all day event that promises to be a lot of fun for the family.

  May 16 - 17 will be the 15th annual Kentucky Gourd Festival and the Main Street Arts Fair.  This will be another big family event with arts and crafts, bluegrass celebration, square dance and old time fiddle contest.  Hope to see you there.