Meal Plus plan could make remembering milk money easier

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By Kathy Lynch

During their monthly meeting, the school board approved the Mealpay Plus program for Spencer County.

The plan would mean parents could access their child’s meal accounts, see what they have been eating, and make payments to their accounts via the Internet. Keeping track of the comings and goings of the money, which normally meant trying to get that information from their kids, was like pulling teeth and seldom did they get the numbers right.

Parents will be able to do it themselves from work, or home and even in their pajamas if they want.

This new meal plan will cost the Spencer County Schools about $1,000. There will be a nominal charge of 47 cents for parents when parents add to their child’s account. Some parents may feel the fee is a small price to pay for the convenience.

Furthermore, the plan could eventually have the capability for parents to do so much more online concerning their child. They could pay class fees, field trips, or anything for which a parent would be required to send money or a personal check in to school for.

The board also discussed the location for the 2009 Spencer County High School graduation ceremonies. The location brought before the board by the superintendent was in Louisville, instead of Frankfort. The Iroquois Amphitheater in Iroquois Park can seat approximately 1500 people. Board members Jeannie Stevens and Sandy Clevenger both had concerns, since this venue is an outdoor venue, on what the plan would be if the weather did not cooperate. This item will be discussed further.

The members were to discuss the Board of Education meeting dates for 2009, but made a motion to do it at the January 2009 meeting, as per policy.

There were some in attendance expressing concern over an incident at the high school on Halloween where a student came to school dressed in a Klu Klux Klan outfit. Then allegedly, later that night, the same student, along with a student from Jeffersontown High School, came to the football game after halftime dressed the same way and was made to leave.

The folks expressing concern were under the impression the school board had not reacted to the incident and that it was not dealt with. The superintendent let all those in attendance know that that behavior would not be tolerated and the student involved had received a five day suspension as soon as the board was notified as well of the incident.

The principal at Jeffersontown High School was notified so he could deal with the other student concerned.

This incident brought two concerns to the board: not only the obvious racial disturbance, but also the problem that, “after half-time, no one is standing at the gates which makes it difficult to monitor,” said Adams. Both concerns are going to be reviewed and solutions sought by the board.

One member in attendance, asked the board for “long-term cultural and diversity sensitivity.” To which the board agreed was a need and something to work towards.

Superintendent Adams recognized Spencer County High School student, Chase Thomas for be awarded the Hugh O’Brian Leadership Award. Thomas was nominated by teachers at the high school for his academic accomplishments and being a positive influence on others, in addition to his leadership skills.

The first graders of Ms. Hagman’s class and the second graders of Ms. Dunning’s class performed “School House Rock; Interjections” for parents and those attending the monthly school board meeting.