Montgomery graduates from criminal justice training

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Submitted to the Spencer Magnet

Tim Montgomery, a deputy with the Spencer County Sheriff’s Department, was among a class of law enforcement officers from many agencies across the state who graduated in October from basic training at the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training.

The officers completed 18 weeks of training, which consisted of more than 750 hours, recruit-level-officer academy instruction. Major training areas included homeland security, law offenses and procedures, vehicle operations, firearms, investigations, first aid/CPR, patrol procedures, orientation for new law enforcement families and mechanics of arrest, restraint and control.
Basic training is mandatory for Kentucky law enforcement officers who are required to comply with the state’s Peace Officer Professional Standards Act of 1998. The Department of Criminal Justice Training provides basic training for city and county police officers, sheriffs’ deputies, university police, airport police and others.  
The agency also provides in-service and leadership training for Kentucky law enforcement officers and telecommunications training.