More days worked equals more pay for superintendent

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Board moves to add 20 days to contract, cap vacation rollover

By Mallory Bilger

The Spencer County Board of Education has granted Superintendent Chuck Adams’ request to add 20 additional paid work days to his contract after Adams told board members he regularly worked beyond the 240 days required of him.
Board members Jeanie Stevens, Sandy Clevenger, Debbie Herndon, Janet Bonham and Ange McKinney unanimously approved Adams’ 2013-2014 contract which includes 260 work days – 20 more than his old contract. Adams’ previous contract included 20 non-contract days, which he had to utilize before accessing his vacation days. Adams said he often worked those non-contract days or took vacation but did not receive compensation because of the way the contract was designed. His new contract eliminates those unpaid non-contract days.
According to Chief Financial Officer Vicki Goodlett, under Adams’ old contract, he was paid $128,205.60 annually for 240 contract days, equaling a daily rate of $534.19. Under the new contract, Adams will be compensated for 260 days at that daily rate, equaling $138,889.40.
Adams told board members at the June meeting he did not believe that working extra days and being paid for them equaled a raise. He explained it to the board as “additional compensation but not necessarily in the form of a raise.”
“I’m working more days, period,” Adams said.
Board members offered little discussion on the matter at the meeting.
The contract also stipulates that Adams receive any raises given to certified staff, which included a 2 percent raise for the 2013-2014 school year.

Limited vacation day accrual
The approved contract also limits the number of vacation days Adams is allowed to accrue. Under the old contract, Adams could roll over unused vacation days without limit, and receive a payout for those unused days when he left the district or upon retirement. That benefit was written into the contract previous to Adams joining the district.
The amended contract allows Adams to accrue a total of 150 vacation days – a value of $80,128.50. Adams has currently accrued 118 days, Goodlett said. Adams has used very few of his vacation days since joining the district and the amended contract stipulates he can now only roll over 10 of his 20 vacation days.
Once Adams reaches the total limit of 150 days accrued, he will not be able to accrue any additional days.

Adams contract extended
The board voted 3-2 to extend Adams’ contract via the Evergreen Clause until June 30, 2017.
The Evergreen Clause allows a board, if it wishes, to extend a superintendent’s current contract by one year. Adams’ contract was scheduled to be up June 30, 2016, but the board voted to extend it to June 30, 2017.
Stevens, Herndon and Bonham voted in favor of enacting the Evergreen Clause while Clevenger and McKinney voted against it. Clevenger has maintained in the past and continues to believe that the Evergreen Clause is not a good way to extend a superintendent’s contract.
“I’m not for doing that,” Clevenger said at the meeting. “I don’t think it’s a very good practice. I think you ride out your contract and you do it again. I don’t like adding a year.”
McKinney said she was not prepared to vote on the issue.
“I didn’t even know we were going to talk about this tonight,” she said. “I’m really not prepared to or going to vote for that. I’m not going to do that.”