More file to seek office

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By Shannon Brock

Several additional citizens have added their names to the ballot for the May 2014 primary election.
Since Nov. 8, two republicans have filed for office, as well as five democrats.
Incumbent republican magistrates Hobert Judd and Mike Moody are each seeking re-election. Judd serves the Waterford area, and Moody serves the Taylorsville area.
On the democrat side, Garland Armstrong is seeking re-election as surveyor.
Ruth Hollan, incumbent, has filed for county attorney.
Darrell Stevens, former Spencer County EMS director, has filed to run for magistrate in the Elk Creek district.
Michelle Marksbury Housley, who currently works in the PVA office, has filed to run for county clerk.
Danny Hilbert, incumbent, has filed to run for coroner.
Donna Crain Drury, an Anderson County democrat, has filed to run for the newly created 53rd District state representative seat.
Donna Dutton, incumbent, of Shelbyville, has filed to seek re-election as the district judge in the 53rd circuit, second division.
A comprehensive list of those who’ve filed to run for local office is as follows:

Jerry Davis (D)
Debbie Herndon (D)

Steve Coulter (D)
Donald “Buddy” Stump (R)
Bobby J. Whitely (R)

County Clerk
Lynn Hesselbrock (R)
Michelle Housley (D)

County Attorney
Ruth Hollan (D)

Darrell Herndon (D)

Kim Stump (D)

Garland Armstrong (D)

Mike Moody (R)

Magistrate-Elk Creek
Darrell Stevens (D)

Hobert Judd (R)

Danny Hilbert (D)

53rd District State Representative
Donna Crain Drury, Anderson County (D)
Kent Stevens, Anderson County (D)
James Allen Tipton, Spencer County (R)

District Judge-53rd circuit, first division (nonpartisan)
Linda S. Armstrong, Shelbyville

District Judge-53rd circuit, second division (nonpartisan)
Donna Dutton, Shelbyville

Circuit Court Judge (nonpartisan)
Charles R. Hickman, Shelbyville

Family Court Judge (nonpartisan)
John David Myles, Simpsonville
S. Marie Hellard, Lawrenceburg
Susan M. Meschier, Shelbyville

As the election season progresses, The Spencer Magnet will present articles on each of the races and candidates who will be on the primary election ballot in May 2014. The Magnet will also present periodic updates on candidate filings through the filing deadline of Jan. 28.