Neglected pets need intervention

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By The Staff

In regard to the letter in the Spencer Magnet entitled “Give family pets the shelter they deserve”, I cried as I read that article. How sad! To treat any of God’s creatures in that fashion. If I knew where these people lived, I would ask them if they would like to have someone take their ‘pets’ off their hands. That is cruelty to animals if I ever heard of it. I live in the ‘other end’ of the county, off Bardstown Road. We are in between Nelson and Bullitt counties. Doesn’t Spencer County have a shelter or rescue organization that could look into the cases mentioned in the article? My heart is actually hurting as I think of these unloved pets. Please, can’t something be done to stop this abuse? I would love to talk to the lady that wrote that article. Linda, if you are reading this; if Spencer County  has a rescue or shelter, please call them and give them the addresses where these neglected pets are. My heart goes out to these poor, precious animals. We have two dogs and they live like princes and kings. We picked them because we love them and wanted them. Why get a pet if you are only going to neglect and ignore it? To anyone reading this, remember they have no one to look after them but you. We all have each other to care for and interact with. They only have you.

Margaret Mudd

Cox’s Creek