New Taylorsville Police Chief arrives for duty

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By William Carroll


The newly appointed Taylorsville Police Chief took no time at all getting his feet wet with the department.
Crumpton was sworn in on Wednesday as Taylorsville’s new chief after already spending time working with outgoing chief Toby Lewis on the ins and outs of the department.
“I have spoke with Toby quite a bit regarding the department,” Crumpton said. “I started by writing down all the questions I have. He is providing quite a bit of information about the department.”
Crumpton said that his initial task is to evaluate the department from top to bottom including the vehicles, equipment, staff and scheduling of the department.
“If changes need to be made we will make them,” he said.
Specifically with respect to staff Crumpton said, “I am evaluating whether we have the right people in the right positions as if we need to change things. I’ll get my expectations out there, and if people meet those we will be fine.”
Crumpton said that his philosophy can best be described as “community involvement.”
“A lot of departments are good at protecting, but not necessarily serving,” he said. “My first goal is to get out in the community, not just in the vehicle but walking around town, get a little shoe leather to the pavement.”
Crumpton said that he feels his most important task is communicating.
“Taylorsville Police Department will work with anyone and everyone to make Taylorsville a better place to live and work,” he said.
Crumpton said that currently he is still working through the department to determine the proper path for the agency.
“We are going to look at how we are doing things over the next few months,” he said. “If we need to change how we are doing things we will.”