NEWS: Hanik attends 4-H Issues Conference

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Lilli Hanik participated in the State 4-H Issues Conference at the Kentucky Leadership Center in November.  Lilli took full advantage of the leadership classes that were offered and represented Spencer County and the State 4-H Performing Arts Troupe.
The Issues Conferences teaches youth to learn valuable leadership skills and how to make a difference, find out how to solve issues in your community by working with caring youth and adults, work with others to plan and present your potential ideas to a mock fiscal court, make new friends and enjoy games, dancing, and the famous “Issues Bowl.”
The State 4-H Issues Conference provides young people with essential leadership skills that can help them mature into successful, community minded adults. This conference is open to sophomores and juniors in high school and will take place again in October 2014. Please contact Mollie Tichenor at 477-2217 if you are interested in learning more about these programs or other opportunities through 4-H.