Numerous passers-by offer assistance to Elk Creek woman

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By Shannon Brock

Finding oneself in a broken down car in the pouring rain on the way to the Taylorsville Post Office might not sound like a blessing for most people, but for Elk Creek resident Sue Raisor, it turned out to be just that.
Early last week, while running errands, Raisor had only one stop left — the post office.
After grabbing a bite to eat, Raisor headed toward her last stop with the rain pouring down all around her.
“I pulled in [to the post office], and my car quit,” she recounted Monday afternoon.
The lights were still working and the gas gauge said the car had plenty of fuel, but the car wouldn’t budge.
Raisor called her trusted mechanics at Smith’s Service Station in Taylorsville and was told they’d be on their way.
Traffic began to back up, Raisor said.
“People wanted in and people wanted out, and I was right in the way,” she said.
But instead of being on the receiving end of other drivers’ frustration, Raisor was on the receiving end of what she calls a blessing.
“I sat there for 20 minutes max, and in that time, seven people stopped to help me and to see if I was OK,” she said. “It was pouring rain. I was in shock.”
Raisor was shocked that in this day and age, with the rain pouring down, so many people stopped to see if they could be of service.
“In a bigger city, not one person would have stopped,” she said.
Two people — a mailman and a younger man — at separate times even got out in the rain to make sure Raisor wasn’t in any trouble.
“The mailman got out of his mail truck and asked if I was OK,” she said. “I told him, ‘I’m fine, but my car isn’t.’”
The younger man asked if Raisor needed any assistance and she assured him help was on the way.
Soon enough, the mechanics, whom she identified as Ed and Ethan, came to her rescue — they took her home and took her car back to the shop.
The next day, they brought it back to her.
As it turns out, in the excitement of the moment, Raisor had forgotten her gas gauge was faulty after all and the car had, in fact, run out of gas.
Still, she was affected by the kindness of strangers.
“You have no idea how much it can mean when you take the extra step to help your fellow man, or fellow woman, in my case,” she said.
“I don’t know who they are, but I thought I’d give them a shout out because maybe they’ll see this. Thank you to all the ones who stopped. It was a wonderful blessing.”