Officials continue to debate dispatch contract with state police

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By William Carroll

The first 911 commission meeting in several months revolved around an issue of continuing debate in the county, the viability of the Kentucky State Police 911 dispatch contract.
Spencer County Sheriff Buddy Stump continued to voice concerns he has with KSP’s dispatch. Previously Stump had stated that many times his deputies have trouble contacting KSP and that even when contact is made, wait time can exceed several hours. Taylorsville Police Chief Toby Lewis and Taylorsville-Spencer County Fire Department Chief Nathan Nation have previously stated that their departments have had no problems working with the state police.
New KSP Post 12 Commander Eric Walker said that if there have been issues in the past with KSP dispatch those issues should no longer exist.
“We’ve got more personnel now than we’ve had in the past,” Walker said.
Walker said that his department added eight additional dispatchers, which should help with any radio related issues.
Committee members still had concerns about their ability to pay KSP’s contract amount.
Judge Executive Bill Karrer laid out the financial position of the county with respect to the contract.
“We are like every other county in the state,” Karrer said. “Fees we collect from landlines are going down. This year we didn’t have the money to cover the contract.”
Karrer said that project expenses exceeded projected income by $12,600.68, with $86,349.80 in projected income versus $98,950.48 in projected expenses.
Karrer said that his recommendation to the fiscal court would be to bid the contract out to see if the county could get a better deal. He suggested to Walker that perhaps the state police should consider lowering their contract price for dispatch services.
“I am not aware of any increases…. or decreases (in the contract price),” Walker said. “I am open to your issues and will take your concerns back to command staff.”
Walker said he hoped to have an answer on the issue by the end of this week as Karrer pointed out the county would need an answer soon due to upcoming budget discussions.
“If we are going to bid this out, we need to do so by July 1,” Karrer said.

In other matters before the commission:
• Toby Lewis resigned as chairman of the commission and Emergency Medical Services Director Jeff Coulter was appointed in his place.

• The committee agreed to set future meetings on the third Wednesday of each third month at 10:30 a.m. The meetings will follow the county’s drug intervention meeting scheduled at 10 a.m. and will continue to be held in the county’s fiscal court room.