Online Trading Post is open for agribusiness

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By Bryce Roberts

Over the past couple of years, the Spencer County Extension Service has sponsored the Spencer Co. Trading Post, an online classified system for Agricultural and Horticultural products and services.  But recent changes to our website forced me to shut the Trading Post down until upgrades to the listing service could be made.

After a few months with the Trading Post closed, I’m glad to say that it is now re-opened.

The Trading Post has a new look with our website, but the premise is the same.  If you have something to sell or a service to provide that deals with agriculture and horticulture and you live in a county surrounding Spencer County, you can go to our website (www.spencerextension.com) and look for the Trading Post link under County Links or Agriculture and Natural Resources.

You can list your items with the online form and the information is submitted to me electronically.  You can also download the form and either mail or fax it back to me.  You can also pick up a form at our office.

I have set up a few general categories and they include:  Agricultural Services (such as garden plowing, bush hogging, etc.), Animals, Equipment, Fruits, Hay/Straw, Horticulture Products, Miscellaneous, and Vegetables.  As more products come in, I’ll add more categories as I see fit.

I will NOT list people that I know are selling certain products without getting their permission.  That means filling out a form on the web or downloading a form from our website.  You can also pick up a form from our office.  Due to privacy laws, I have to have everyone’s permission in order to be able to place their information on our website. 

There are some general rules that we’ll all have to follow and more may be added as we go into this process.  They include: 

1.    Prices for products and services are not going to be listed.  If you see a service or a product you are interested in, please contact the person that has listed the items. 

2.    No motorized vehicles will be listed.  Real estate will also not be listed.

3.    All products/services will be reviewed for clarity and to make sure they meet the guidelines before they will be listed.  If there are any questions concerning the listing, the person listing the item will be contacted for more information.  Please do not expect items to be listed the same day as they are submitted.  It may take several days for your items to be listed.

4.    This page is for Spencer County and surrounding counties’ residents, businesses, and landowners only. 

5.    Pictures of the items will not be published.

6.    Items will be listed alphabetically by last name of producer, not by date of submission.

7.    If you have questions about any of the items, please contact the person who submitted them.

To keep the page manageable, I have set it up so you can list items until they sell or you can specify the date you want me to remove the items.  You may have tomatoes or sweet corn that you only want to list for a short period of time, so you can choose to list them for a few weeks.  You may also be providing a service, such as garden plowing, that you want to keep listed indefinitely so you can list it under that category.

I have developed this site with you in mind and it won’t work unless you let me know the items/services that you have to offer.   I hope you will take advantage of this service.

Feel free to contact me at your Spencer County Cooperative Extension Service at 477-2217 or you can email me at broberts@uky.edu.  You can visit the Spencer County Extension Services’ website at www.spencerextension.com.