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Something is rotten in Spencer County
Recent articles in the Spencer Magnet and discussions of water rates at the 7 April Fiscal Court meeting leave one with the impression that something is rotten in Spencer County! It’s the water and sewer system. Or more specifically the price residents are paying for these services.
It was a real revelation to me at the Fiscal Court meeting on 7 April that the city of Taylorsville is loading the costs (payroll and fringes) of city employees on to the cost of water and sewer paid by the entire county. When the retiring police chief had his past poor financial decisions covered by the Taylorsville City council I was laughing at how the citizens of Taylorsville were being fleeced. Now I find that everyone in the county (not just Taylorsville residents) is being fleeced by paying the city’s employees through water and sewer rates for everyone in the county.
The recent audit of Taylorsville’s books was a F. Anytime an audited entity is given a qualified audit result it is a F. Essentially the city is cooking the books and got caught. They are not following GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). If it was a publicly traded entity and deficiencies were not remedied quickly trades of the stock would be stopped. Next the FTC would start sending people to jail. Will that happen here??? Not bloody likely.
The audit is supposed to go to the Attorney General . The Attorney General would not pursue the missing $163,000 from the counties coffers, what would make one think that they will work to stop the fleecing of county residents by the Taylorsville management team?
250 years ago a bunch of malcontents participated in a multiyear war because of taxation without representation. We call it the American Revolution. I know that the argument will be that this is not a tax but then the ACA is not a tax either!
How to NOT fix this:
1. Fire the auditors and hire one that will allow the city to continue fleecing the residents of Spencer County.
A couple of thoughts on how to fix this:
1. Put the shysters in jail, fix the books and recalculate the water rate with appropriate refunds.
2. Or allow all those with water bills in the Spencer County to vote in Taylorsville elections until this is remedied.
Taylorsville, what is your choice?

William J. Rutherford

Meet the Candidate forum
Leadership is important to our community, so I would encourage everyone to attend the Spencer County Farm Bureau “Meet the Candidate” public forum on April 22 at Spencer County Middle School at 6:30 p.m. This forum is for the Spencer County Judge Executive race and all eight candidates are invited to attend. All Spencer County residents are also invited to attend and learn more about their candidates.

Doug Williams
Farm Bureau Board Member