Overview of House & Senate bills passed

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It has been a quiet two weeks at the capitol as the legislators have been away during the veto days. The session will end after the last two days which are April 14 and 15. I have enjoyed seeing buds on trees and flowers starting to come out of the ground with these sunnier and warmer days. Soon we will be into Derby season, looking at summer plans and enjoying the beautiful outdoors of our state.
As the legislative session wraps up, the biennial Road Plan will be voted on during the final two days. This is another very important part of our work as the nearly $3 billion budget prioritizes the transportation infrastructure projects of our state.
Besides that, we will also look at any vetoes the Governor may have made to the budget, and act on any final pieces of legislation. At the end of March, many House bills were acted upon in our chamber. For example, House Bill 125 will allow patients to request and receive copies of medical laboratory results. The bill also contains Senate Committee Substitutes that cover other medical issues such as creating a way for chronically ill patients to receive all medications needed on one day a month, and create more oversight of the drug Suboxone which is prescribed for opioid addicts.
To encourage outside business to come to our state, we passed House Bill 488, which gives tax breaks to national corporations holding conferences in Kentucky. Such conferences inject dollars into our state with attendees staying at our hotels, eating at our restaurants and taking in tourist attractions.
House Bill 28, also known as the “no cup of coffee rule,” also passed. It provides more language to the legislative code of ethics. The bill limits how much lobbyists can pay legislators to attend events, prohibits many activities such as paying for transportation for legislators, limits campaign contributions for certain lobbyists, and also requires members of the legislature to attend sexual and workplace harassment training at the beginning of each session.