People are history, too

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Submitted to the Spencer Magnet

When students come in Dan Barnett’s Global Studies class next year, they will come face-to-face with Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Joan of Arc and over 30 other great figures from history. Why? Because Barnett’s ninth-grade class created life-sized creations of some of histories most famous (and notorious) people.


Given the assignment in January, freshman students worked on their projects before, during and after school. A variety of paints, materials and other unconventional items were used to create the figures. Napoleon’s outfit for example uses actual buttons and his shoulder cravats are actually sewn into the cardboard. The Red Baron’s outfit has an actual belt.
“We wanted to make them as realistic as possible,” said Barnett, Global Studies teacher at Spencer County High School. “We wanted to do more than just create artistic renderings of the people, we wanted them come alive.”
In addition to creating the historic person, students had to research the life of that person and pass an examination on their subject.
“I learned a lot about Samson,” said Joshua Sipes, a ninth-grader in Barnett’s third period class. “I had to know everything about my person to get the ‘A’ I was looking for.”
The figures will be a permanent part of Barnett’s classroom.
“When students arrive next year,” said Barnett, “they will do more than look at history, it will look back.”
—Submitted by Dan Barnett