Plans to construct disc golf course moving forward

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By Mallory Bilger

Throughout the years there has been much debate on if Taylorsville Lake State Park would get a disc golf course, but it appears plans to construct the course are finally moving forward.
Rik Downs of the Possum Ridge Disc Golf Club said his group has received permission from Kentucky State Parks Commissioner Elaine Walker to begin work on the course. According to the group’s Facebook page, “As promised, the horse trail reroutes will be constructed first and I am totally confident the new trails will be so much more scenic and pleasant compared to the old ones that were hot, dusty and went through blackberry thickets,” Downs wrote.
He said the project has been underway for more than four years and kept hitting roadblocks, due to turnover at the state park, changes in state leadership and the time involved to become a not-for-profit agency recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. Downs said the paperwork has been filed and the group is now awaiting the formal designation.
Downs believes the 24-hole course will bring tourism to the area and affordable fun to the park.
“We have the room and can have bigger tournaments,” Downs said, noting the course could attract golfers from across the country.
The course was designed by championed disc golfer Dave Greenwell,
“Our original mission was that (Greenwell) wanted us to have a championship golf course,” Downs said.
The proposed course has drawn questions and some disagreement from horse enthusiasts that use the park trails. Downs said the rerouted trail is known as the Snider Loop. He felt the proposed changes would make it more desirable.
“It’s going to be much more wooded,” he said, noting that much of the current trail was hot and full of brambles during the summer months.
He said the only maintenance involved in the course is mowing. The other expense —purchasing discs — can cost as little as $10 a disc. Golfers can be novices or highly skilled. Downs said it doesn’t matter.
“The main goal is to have fun and I tell that to people all the time,” he said. “It’s like ball golf with a lot of the same philosophy but so much less expensive.”
Downs said the club is still looking for more local volunteers and monetary donations to assist in getting the course up and running. While several items have been donated, more help is needed to help clear the paths for the course.
“I have been told that to do the trails right we need a Bobcat, so if anyone has access to one let me know,” Downs wrote on the club’s Facebook page. “If there are no bird-nesting restrictions we may be able to get some bushhogging done in 3 weeks. We are now poised to take off.”
Downs said despite the recent encouraging movement in the right direction, it will still most likely be Spring 2015 before the course was ready for play. He said that was a conservative estimate and is hoping additional volunteers will step up to help get the course ready sooner.
“Everything else has gone agonizingly slow,” he said.
Anyone wishing to donate or volunteer to help move the project forward can do so by contacting Downs at downsdmd@bellsouth.net. He can also be reached on the group’s Facebook page. Donations can also be made by visiting www.http://possumridgediscgolfclub.com.
Downs said he would continue updating the public on the project via the club’s Facebook page.