Plenty to see and do this summer

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By William Carroll

Summer is finally here, for real this time. After an exceptionally long winter, (luckily I was able to avoid my first full Kentucky winter) spring thaws have led into summer heat. This week the mercury is rising to 90 degrees and as such the true start of summer is here. I wanted to take this opportunity to say that a little over three months into my time here in Kentucky I have already been behaving quite a bit like it was already summer.
Anytime I move to a new place I like to take the opportunity to use my first few months as a vacation of sorts. There is really nothing like moving to a new place, the excitement, the wonder and yes sometimes the pure insanity of it all. That being said, my first few months living in Kentucky have included little weekend sojourns, several little mini-vacations if you will.
My treks have taken me throughout Spencer County and into Louisville, Shepherdsville, Mt. Washington, Lexington, Frankfort, various bourbon distilleries (both active and abandoned) and a whole host of other places. My trips have included county fairs and local events as well as just good old sightseeing trips. Being a writer, I have of course taken notes of each of my little trips as well as an assortment of photos to fill any number of scrapbooks.
My journeys have also allowed me to get a better feel for the people of Kentucky and, as with any life experience, have taught me a little about myself.
Now with the summer upon us I felt as though I should begin a new series of adventures as I see no point in slowing down now. I know that there is still plenty to see and do in the state and I am looking forward to taking my adventures to the next level.
For a few weeks now I have debated writing a little travel column. It would of course have some funny title and would generally involve all of my humorous and not so humorous exploits. The real problem in writing any kind of column like that though is appealing to the reader. As a writer, especially a writer for a community newspaper, I always try to write stories I feel will be of interest to people. These stories therefore wouldn’t be so much for me but for you and of course to write for all of you out there I would need to know where you have been and haven’t been. What places have you explored or always wanted to explore? Many of the places I have visited so far may in fact be common to those of you born and raised here. For others it might be utterly fascinating to hear my view of certain well known places. That being said I think for the moment that I will continue to document my exploits for a future column.
So at this point I would like to submit a challenge to our readers. If any of you out there have some suggestions for places I should go locally please feel free to let me know. If I go I may write a little story about my experience for The Spencer Magnet.
In fact if you just generally want to drop me a line about any old thing you can think of please feel free. I always look forward to chatting with our readers about our newspaper and what types of things they would like to see in its pages.
I am pretty easy to reach by email at editor@spencermagnet.com or by phone at 477-2239 extension 24. Of course you can also just come on in some afternoon (preferably not Tuesday) and sit a spell and tell me your innermost thoughts. Who knows, I might just like your ideas enough to run with them.