Police uncover indoor pot farm

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By Robin Bass

Spencer County Sheriff’s department discovered a basement full of marijuana plants last Tuesday night near Mt. Eden – 165 plants with an estimated street value of $165,000.


Deputy Gordon Miles, acting on a tip from a confidential informant, obtained a search warrant early in the day to investigate reports of illegal activity at 2375 Hickory Ridge Road. What he and other officers found that night was an elaborate greenhouse for cloning and growing pot.

In one room, two parent plants stood five to six feet tall. From evidence found at the scene, Miles said the suspect(s) were well adept at propagating. Of course, the $50/gallon containers of Clonex (a plant root accelerator) probably helped.

The main area of the basement was divided by reflective, plastic sheeting and separated plants of varing stages of growth. In several corners were large mounds of potting soil.

More than half of the 165 plants were about waist-high. Above them, grow lights on timers slowly moved along rolling tracks so that every plant was adequately nourished by artificial sun rays.

“It was a very sophisticated set-up. Very organized,” said Miles. “I don’t see how one man could have done this.”

Since the discovery, police have named Terry Kerberg, 40, of Shepherdsville, as their primary suspect. Kerberg was renting the home from owner Terry Rogers, said Miles. Rogers told police he had no knowledge of what was going on in the house.

A warrant was issued for Kerberg’s arrest last Wednesday. Charges pending against the suspect include cultivating and trafficking marijuana, both felonies.

Miles said he has recently been in contact with Kerberg’s lawyer and is anticipating the suspect will turn himself over to police. Miles has requested bond be set at $20,000.

In the meantime, the case is still under investigation.

“There are likely more arrests to come,” said Miles. “There’s more than one person involved with this. I believe three or four more people are involved.”

If you have information regarding this case, you are encouraged to call the Spencer County Sheriff’s Department at 477-3200.