PUBLIC RECORD: Property Transfers

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The following property transfers were recently recorded in the Spencer County Clerk’s office:

Chris Dixon, Taylorsville, warranty deed in lieu of foreclosure, to The Bank of New York Mellon, New York, N.Y., 459 Waterford Loop. Appraised value $118,400.

Kevin Bumgarner and Angie Bumgarner, Fisherville to Laura E. Trapp, Lot 42 of Willowbrook Estate, Section II. $225,000.

Kingsmill LLC, Fisherville, to Worth Brown Custom Builders, Taylorsville, Lot 31 of Kingsmill Subdivision Section 1, Phase II. $40,000.

Diahann M. Moore and Donald Moore, Taylorsville, to Kenneth Holt, Lot 36 Watkins Subdivision Phase I, $110,000.

Heritage Properties, Elizabethtown, to Timothy S. Flanagan, Mount Eden, Lot 1 of Spencer Farms, $145,000.

Steve W. Darnell and Janice M. Darnell, Knoxville, Tenn., to Thomas Malloy, Taylorsville, Lot 82 of Allen Place North, $180,000.

Image Investments LLC, Fisherville, to Larry Colburn, Lot 60, The Orchards of Plum Creek, $43,000.

Bruce A. Coulter and Sharon Coulter, Taylorsville, to Bryan M. Howay and Sharon M. Howay, Taylorsville, 249 Woodland Hills Drive, $215,000.

Masters Commissioner’s Deed, 293 Paul Avenue, to Household Finance Corp., $133,965.

PBI Bank, Louisville, to Gerald M. Moody, Lot 14 Cottonwood Estates, $187,000.

Goodlett & Klempner, Mt. Eden, to David Shumate, Louisville, Lot 22 Elk Creek Subdivision, $35,500.

Kingsmill LLC, Fisherville, to JWC Group LLC, Lot 10 Phase I Kingsmill Subdivision, $40,000.

Alex Shelley and Jessica Shelley, Fisherville, to Craig Eck and Holly Eck, 180 Hidden Valley Drive, Fisherville, $295,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., Ft. Mill, S.C., to Daniel F. McGill and Wanda Sue McGill, Lot 46 Tindale Place Subdivision, $101,850.

Steve Sadolsky and Deborah Sadlosky Monroe, Mt. Eden, to Deanna Monroe, Mt. Eden. Property located in Spencer County as described in deed book 235, page 814-815. $90,000.

James E. Shirley and Kelly Shirley, Taylorsville, to J&L Construction, Louisville, Tract 2 Terrell Farm Division, $35,000.

Citizens Union Bank, Shelbyville, to BUC Investments Inc., Tract 31, Greer Estates Farm. Tax appraised value, $220,000.

Harry T. Miller and Jane Miller, Taylorsville, to Paul D. Jewell and Loretta F. Jewell, Taylorsville. Property located in Spencer County as described in deed book 236, page 57. $75,000.

Waterford Builders Inc., Taylorsville, to Roy Ashcraft and Sandra Ashcraft, Taylorsville, Lot 25A, Old South Plantation, $139,000.

Betty Jean Cook, Patricia Lane Greenwell and Joseph Reginald Greenwell, Bardstown, to Martina Richardson, Cox’s Creek, Lot No. 2 Glenbrook Subdivision, $85,000.

Amanda K. Long and Michael Long, Taylorsville, to The Kehne Company, Tayorsville, Tract 2, Raymond Hardin Estate Division, $30,000.

Martine McKinney, Taylorsville, to Allison McKinney Finch, Taylorsville, Tract 2A Martine McKinney Division, $60,000.