Roadside pick-up deadline nears; Groups urged to participate

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By The Staff

With the weather cooperating, I was hoping the week of March 29 through April 4 would see many miles of our roadways cleaned by our Spencer County non-profit groups. Such has not occurred. With Spring Break falling on the same week, everyone has split and run. Three or four groups have signed in to work a roadway.

We are running out of time to meet the Spring deadline. We need to have our pickup completed by the middle of April, or else the grass will be too high to allow for easy viewing of the litter, and the state does not want to drag it out.

We all know the economy has tanked, people losing jobs, many cuts in government spending, cutbacks on every level of our business world. Schools have also been impacted by the instability our government is facing. Money is scarce!

We have been lucky to see the State, through the Kentucky PRIDE program, send us a grant of over $27,000 to offer to our non-profit groups in the county, with money applied to each mile cleaned by a group, to be done Spring, Summer, and Fall, three times a year, to attempt to keep our roadways presentable to not only our residents, but to the many visitors we have each year from outside Spencer County.

The PRIDE program means what is says; we need to show our pride in Spencer County by each helping to keep it clean and shining, and the roadways are a good beginning point. If, in fact, our non-profit school, church, and civic groups fail to fully participate, any unused PRIDE funds are required to be returned to the state. I hope our groups, especially our school related programs, do not allow that to happen.

It is not often we are given the chance to get several dollars for some reasonably light work. I hope each group leader can work out a schedule that will allow their group to not only help the county, but pick up some extra money for activities.

Drop by the office at 220 Main Cross Street, sign in, get equipment, and help Spencer County shine. 

Curtis Ochs

Spencer County Solid Waste coordinator