Room to be creative

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By Deanna Godman

Adina Milburn’s craft room is a source of joy and stress relief for her.


“I can be having the worst day, and I can come in here, work on a scrapbook and it helps me out,” said Milburn.

Milburn moved her craft room from the basement to a dedicated space on the first floor about five years ago. She has been scrapbooking for eighteen years.

“I started scrapbooking when the kids were real young,” said Milburn. She has two sons who are now seventeen and twenty.

She found that she was not using the space she had in the basement and often ended up at the dinner table scrapbooking and then had to clear it off before meals.

She started selling Close to My Heart scrapbooking products in the winter of 2006. She is also a consultant for Uppercase Living, a company that makes decorative lettering for walls. When she started these businesses, she realized that the craft space she had in her basement would no longer work for her. She needed a dedicated space that would allow her to do the crafts she loves and also keep up with her businesses.

Milburn moved into one of the bedrooms on her main floor. She started with just a desk in the corner of the room and started expanding as she got more supplies, as crafters tend to do.

“It started out small and keeps growing,” said Milburn. She gets her larger organizational pieces, like her paper shelf and her peg board organizer, as Christmas gifts.

“I have to have everything out. If I don’t see it, I can’t use it,” said Milburn, explaining why her storage method keeps her supplies visible instead of in closed cabinets.

The color scheme in the room is based on a favorite color combination from Close to my Heart. She took pieces of the cardstock with her to the hardware store when she got the paint mixed. The walls are a taupe color (desert sand) and the accents are blue.

Milburn gets some of her storage ideas from magazines and catalogs. She saw a craft room in a magazine with wire hanging baskets from Ikea, and thought it was a great idea. When she visited Cincinnati with friends, she went to Ikea and bought several of them. She has at least six and uses them to store punches, embellishments and sewing supplies.

“My room doesn’t stay the same all the time. It’s always changing to make it work for me,” said Milburn, noting that she had to move things around when she decided to start sewing again.

Milburn keeps her large punches from Stampin’ Up! (a direct sales rubber stamp company) on the bars that she bought on a trip to Ikea in Cincinnati. She keeps her other paper punches in a Crop-in-Style brand Punch Pal on the back of the door. It resembles a shoe organizer, but with smaller pockets.

She has two tool boxes with clear drawers to hold some of her embellishments. She separates her embellishments by manufacturer to a certain extent. She tries to keep all of her Close To My Heart supplies separate from her other supplies. While she uses different manufacturers’ products, she likes to be able to teach her classes using mostly the product that she sells.

Milburn’s hobbies include scrapbooking, quilting, sewing and crocheting. She is also the president of Aprons and Ideas, a Spencer County Homemaker’s club. She does accounts payable for a Wendy’s franchise that is Louisville-based with restaurants in other states.

“I like preserving memories and passing them down. It’s the neatest thing,” said Milburn. “I like my kids to look through them (scrapbooks).”

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