School board honored for service

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By The Staff

Even in these difficult financial times, ensuring world-class learning opportunities for every student is the singular focus of Jeanie Stevens, Scott Travis, Mary Ann Carden, Sandy Clevenger, and Shannon Medley, the members of the Spencer County Board of Education.

For their individual and collective dedication to this community, the Spencer County faculty, staff and students honor these individuals during Kentucky’s observation of January 2010 as School Board Member Recognition Month.

Mary Ann Carden has diligently served on the board of education since January 2001. Jeanie Stevens and Sandy Clevenger began service in January 2007; while Shannon Medley and Scott Travis accepted the call to service in January 2009.

“Our board members don’t just serve this community when they attend board meetings,” said Superintendent Chuck Adams. “They attend various school events, support our academic and athletic teams, buy goods at booster and student club fundraisers and volunteer in our schools, offering countless hours most of the general public never sees.”

“They also help ensure that every dollar in our 21 million dollar annual budget gets the most value for the greatest instructional result,” Adams said. “That’s a huge responsibility to balance the needs of our students and the revenues we have to work with considering the current economic issues that we face.”

“I am proud to work alongside the members of our Spencer County Board of Education in our joint quest to give every one of our students the tools for a successful life through a vested interest in their community, and encourage my fellow community members to join me in thanking them for their selfless service,” he said.