SCHS soloists, ensembles fare well at Oldham County competition

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Submitted to the Spencer Magnet

Pictured above are students who participated in the solo/ensemble competition at Oldham County High School on Feb. 23. More than 50 bands competed in the event.

Students receiving ‘proficient’ ratings in solo competition were: Sydney Shirley - flute; Georgi Herndon - flute; Bryce Martin - trumpet; Jasmine Thomas - trumpet; and Keith Curry - trumpet.
Students receiving ‘distinguished’ ratings in solo competition were: Paige Ruddell - clarinet; Leah Shelburne - flute; Rebecca Walker - flute; Kendall Clayton - flute; Autumn Wilson - flute; Tamara Humphrey - flute; Madolyn Bennett - flute; Amy Herndon - flute; Sarah Bowman - french horn; Robert Shaw - trombone; Clay Abell - trombone; Noah Williamson - trombone; Ryan Linton - tenor sax; John Mathre - tenor sax; Lauren Henderson - trumpet; and Patrick Sweazy - trumpet.
Students receiving ‘distinguished’ ratings in ensemble competition are: Flute duets - Georgi Herndon and Rebecca Walker; Sydney Shirley and Rebecca Walker; Samantha Sweazy and Madolyn  Bennett. Clarinet duet: Patrick Rood and Halee Hood. Trumpet/tenor sax duet: Bryce Martin and John Mathre. Brass sextet: Bryce Martin - trumpet, Jasmine Thomas - trumpet, Matt Carr - tuba, Sarah Bowman - french horn, Jessica Klefot - trombone and Brandon Conard - euphonium. Trombone quartet: Derek Clemens, Mike Bruce, Jessica Klefot and Tyler Nichols. Saxophone trio: Jacob Barnett, Caleb Fulkerson and John Mathre. Saxophone duets: John Mathre and Caleb Fulkerson; Jacob Barnett and John Mathre; Emily Ingram and Jaret Cannon; and Ryan Linton and Caleb Fulkerson.
Two percussion ensembles received ‘distinguished’ ratings. Percussion Ensemble 1 students are Grace Wente, Tanner Carden, Shane Greenwell, Josh Baunach and Daniel Cooper. Percussion Ensemble 2 students are Chase Stone, Shelby Santiago, Taylor Wilson, Dylan Holeman, Josh Baunach and Tyler Mattingly.