Searching for spawning bass

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By The Staff

It is now time to look for those pre spawn and spawning bass. This is when bass fishing is awesome. It is when the bass are feeding in the shallows and the action is fast and furious.

I will usually start early, at daylight and a fish ½ ounce spinner bait white or white and chartreuse depending on the water color, with willow leaf blades. I like to fish the spinnerbait fast and close to the surface trying to get the bass to strike out of reflex. If I get some strikes in an area then I will come back and flip that area. I like to flip a ZOOM Brush Hog and a tube most of the time working any cover I can find. With the spinnerbait I will always use a trailer hook. This will catch a lot of short striking fish. Keep in mind to fish the spinner bait fairly fast and close to the surface early and on cloudy or windy days. On sunny days I’ll fish it a little slower keeping the bait right out of sight. I don’t want to fish it slow here because you are always trying to get a reaction strike. And if you fish it slow, the fish may see the bait coming and refuse to strike.

The types of areas I will look for are main lake pockets and pockets off major creek arms. Look for shallow water 1-3 feet range and there would need to be some type of cover in the area as well. Weeds, laydowns, and docks are the main cover of course. When fishing docks fish will spawn on the walk way of the dock coming off the bank.

Another lure I will use a lot at this type of year is a ZOOM trick worm, my favorite being a yellow or white, I like using spinner tackle with this lure because it enables me to skip the lure back into the thick cover. When you cast out to skip a lure back into the thick cover it’s just like skipping a rock. Use the same side arm action as you do when skipping a rock. This will take a little practice but it will defiantly be worth the effort.