Shawver to attend Naval Academy

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Spencer County High School senior Christina Shawver has received an Offer of Appointment to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md.

Among other scholarship offers, Shawver also received a Navy ROTC scholarship to Vanderbilt University. She has chosen to attend the Naval Academy. Out of approximately 20,000 applications received by USNA each year, roughly 7 percent are selected from the highly competitive and arduous application process. Based on her application and interviews, Shawver received a “Letter of Assurance” in November. This early letter is sent to a small percentage of applicants that have been identified as outstanding and indicates the academy’s intent to extend an Offer of Appointment, as long as the remaining application requirements are completed. As part of these requirements, Shawver submitted a separate application packet to U.S. Congressman Brett Guthrie. She received his nomination to attend the Naval Academy in December. This was the final piece that made her candidate application complete. She received the formal Appointment to USNA in January.
The Naval Academy provides its students with distinguished academic, athletic and leadership training designed to provide an enriching and balanced education. The U.S. Naval Academy has an alumni list of more than 72,000 young men and women, including one U.S. president, 21 members of Congress, 52 astronauts, 46 Rhodes scholars, 73 Medal of Honor recipients and two Nobel Prize winners. Upon graduation from USNA, Shawver will begin her career as a United States Naval Officer with a 5-year commitment to the Navy. She is the daughter of Chris and Michelle Shawver of Taylorsville.