Signature residents celebrate fundraising efforts

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Submitted by Vernon Jewell | Signature Chaplain

We are all seeking to have a purpose in our life; this includes our residents at Signature HealthCare of Spencer County.


Just because someone moves into a nursing home doesn’t mean they cannot fulfill their purpose in life. Seven residents set out to accomplish a goal, and they did.
On May 25, seven of our residents set a goal of raising $500 to help the Lakota Native Americans in South Dakota. In three weeks, after tremendous support from other residents, staff, family members, friends, and visitors, our residents raised the money.
This opportunity came as a partnership with David Hahn who has been working in the community to help the Native Americans at a mission called “Youth Evangelism Strategies” headed by Pastor Mike Brennon at Porcupine, S.D.
We celebrated our accomplishment with award certificates, a token of appreciation, music, refreshments, and great fellowship.