Snapped line closes shops

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By Cathy Barnes

From 8:18 p.m. until 9:45 p.m., a line of businesses on Taylorsville Road lost power on Wednesday night.

According to witnesses at Country Mart, sparks and smoke were seen in the soybean field next to the store on KY 55 when the powerline snapped.

Police Chief Toby Lewis said there was no particular incident or accident that caused the line to snap but that heavy rainfall over the last few weeks could have possibly caused the posts to settle.

The Taylorsville Country Mart lost power before closing time when customers were still shopping. The store has back-up generators to ensure power at the front end of the store, but only temporarily.

“We closed early because of it, but everything went fine. We emptied the store and everything was orderly,” Harry Goldstein, manager at Country Mart said.

The Dairy Queen and McDonalds also closed early and suffered a loss in products that they had already cooked to sell for that evening.