Snow causes delay for elementary schools

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By Shannon Brock

Following a quick, but hefty burst of snow on Tuesday morning, Spencer County’s elementary schools were on a two-hour delay, but middle and high school students arrived at school on time.
Spencer County middle and high schools begin their day at 7:40 a.m., and many students were already on buses or at school by the time the snow arrived Tuesday, said Superintendent Chuck Adams.
Adams said he checked the weather forecast before bed on Monday evening and all indications were that any snow would most likely arrive by 4 or 5 a.m.
School district officials usually make the call for cancellations at 6 a.m., but no snow was in the area at that time, Adams said.
The first run of buses got underway — and then the snow started.
“It came at the most difficult time,” Adams said. “But it was a short burst.”
Adams said the first concern of the district was to get middle and high school students to school safely. Once that occurred, the call was made to delay the elementary schools for two hours.
“We decided to hold the run on the elementary schools to buy time for the system to blow through,” Adams said.
By 9 a.m., 10 minutes after the start of a normal school day for elementary students, the snowfall had stopped and the sun was out. County road department trucks were out putting cinders on roadways and Adams said he felt certain the roadways would be clear and passable for buses with the two-hour delay.
“The sentiment of student safety is first,” Adams said.
The Spencer Magnet asked on its Facebook page for parents and family members to share their experience with the snow on Tuesday morning and received mixed reviews.
“I think this could have been handled better,” Dina Maier-Murphy wrote. “They should have called for a delay earlier. We received the message 10 minutes after the bus was supposed to be here.”
“My senior normally takes my seventh-grader to school. However, I took my seventh-grader while the high schooler drove herself safely,” Reka Jackson-Jewell wrote. “We just used caution and left a little sooner.”
“My high schoolers and middle schoolers made it to school just fine and I got a little extra morning time with my youngest,” Terri Cooper wrote. “What a great way to start the day.”