Spencer County Schools - Going Live

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By The Staff

Infinite Campus is a statewide program that enables our district to maintain student data.  Spencer County Public Schools began using Infinite Campus for student information management August 2008. 

One of the benefits of the Infinite Campus student information managements system is the Parent Portal feature.  This feature allows parents/guardians to view their student’s grades, attendance and behavior data via the Internet and the data is in real time.  This means that as soon as the clerk or teacher in the schools updates the information, you will be able to see it from the Parent Portal right away.  Parents/guardians will only be able to see data for their own children as each parent/guardian will be provided a unique login ID and password.  There is no charge for this feature.  All you need is a high speed Internet connection from your home and you are all set.

Spencer County Public schools will reserve the right to deny or cease access to the Parent Portal due to the abuse of the portal, court orders, or any other legal proceedings that limit the availability of private educational data. 

Spencer County plans to make the Parent Portal feature available to Spencer County parents/guardians January of 2009.  Look for more information to be sent home in the coming months about the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.  

For questions, contact Tanya Fluke, Student Data Coordinator at (502) 477-3250 ext. 30 or email us at “mailto:Tanya.Fluke@spencer.kyschools.