Spencer County Schools summer program transportation schedule

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Below is the transportation schedule for the Spencer County Schools’ summer enrichment program, as provided by Transportation Director Jack Senior. The program runs from June 18 to July 19. Please allow 10 minutes before and after the scheduled time for pickup and dropoff, Senior said.

Route    Stop    Pickup    Dropoff
A-1    Crooked Creek/248 Turn around    8:15 a.m.    3:33 p.m.
A-2    Lighthouse Baptist    8:30 a.m.    3:18 p.m.
A-3    Settlers Trace Grocery    8:38 a.m.    3:10 p.m.
A-4    Treehouse Daycare    8:41 a.m.    3:05 p.m.

B-1    Wakefield Christian Church    7:50 a.m.    3:15 p.m.
B-2    Little Union Baptist Church    8:08 a.m.    3:33 p.m.
B-3    Waterford Park    8:21 a.m.    3:46 p.m.
B-4    Silo Farms and Plum Ridge Road    8:35 a.m.    3:55 p.m.
B-5    Elk Creek Baptist Church    8:43 a.m.    4 p.m.

C-1    Ridgeview Baptist    8:03 a.m.    3:28 p.m.
C-2    Spencer Christian Church    8:23 a.m.    3:48 p.m.
C-3    Training Wheels Daycare    8:26 a.m.    3:51 p.m.
C-4    Brashears Point/Yoder Tipton    8:33 a.m.    3:58 p.m.
Shuttle TES-MS    8:38 a.m.
Shuttle MS-TES    8:42 a.m.