The Spencer Magnet remembers Dolly Brock

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Through mere coincidence, my last name is the same as Dolly Brock’s. I married into the Brock family, but it’s a Brock family from nowhere close to here. I’ve fielded many a question as to whether Dolly and I were related, and I’ll only answer it now the way she wanted me to — we’re not sure, but maybe.
I only saw Dolly three times — the first time, she had someone bring her by the office to meet me, the other two times were at Signature — but I knew her well enough to know that Spencer was her county and its people, her people. Dolly will forever be missed and loved by the Magnet and Spencer County.
—Shannon Brock, editor

Dolly always kept up with what was going on at the Spencer Magnet. After accepting a position at the Magnet, Dolly called to say she wanted to meet me and share a couple of good tips that might be helpful in my work at the paper.  A few days later she stopped in to introduce herself and she shared several stories from her years at the Magnet and it was at that introduction that I quickly learned why everyone loved Dolly. She was just a delight – full of energy, quick witted, and kind.
—Lynette Mason, general manager

Dolly had such a passion for her community and for the newspaper  which had been her life. Being a lifelong resident of Spencer County, I had a friendship with her years before  I transferred from Landmark’s central office in Shelbyville to the office here in 1996. At that time, she was enjoying good health and  would  stop by the office at least a couple times a week to “check on things.”  She would share stories of the past and recount with laughter some of the more funny typos which got by her and Claude’s watchful eyes.   
I visited her at the nursing home this past fall and the first words out of her mouth after greeting me were “how’s things at the paper?” The years had changed her circumstances, but it had not diminished the love she had for the newspaper.
—Susan Collins, bookkeeping and circulation manager

I’ll always remember the day she sold the newspaper to us.  The papers were signed in our 2nd floor conference room. She brought along her camera and wanted to have photos of the event. Then she cried.
—Linda Barnett, executive assistant, Landmark Community Newspapers LLC