Stallions fight it out at Derby City

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Saturday started out with true football weather. It was cold and wet as the Mighty Might Stallions took to the field to take on the Derby City Cardinals.
Both teams came into the game with winning records and hard-hitting running games, but the wet weather and a few turnovers slowed the Stallions. Though the kids fought hard the game ended 21-0 Cardinals.
Game two for the day was the Junior division. Spencer County and Derby City faced off as the last two undefeated teams in the league. The Stallions won the first half game of field position with hard running from Noah Stone and Seth Thompson. This set up a Stallions touchdown with a great pass from Nathan Dietrich to Colin Bradham, which put the Stallions up 7-0.
Though the Stallions defense had pounded the Cardinals all day, Derby City broke a long run for a touchdown and tied the game. Shortly after Derby City scored a defensive touchdown giving them the lead. Though the Stallions were without timeouts, they charged down the field in the final seconds. The hurry up offense gave Derby City problems as the Stallions gained yards with hard runs and passes from Colton Price. But, the clock proved to be the Stallions biggest enemy as time ran out leaving the Stallions seven yards short of a touchdown for a tie.
Though the Stallions dominated time of possession and yards gained, the Cardinals would win 13-7.
The varsity team came in as a much smaller team, but came out fighting hard and fast. Though they mounted a great opening drive, Derby City’s size proved to be too much as the Stallions left the field with a loss.

—Submitted by Bryan Kessinger