Tanglewood buys condos

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By Robin Bass

Owners of Tanglewood Golf Course purchased two condo units and a swimming pool near the Taylorsville business Saturday afternoon.

Tanglewood’s principal owner George Gregory, of Avon, Colo., said the structures located on two and one half acres adjacent to the golf course cost $265,000. The property was sold at an absolute auction June 5. The purchase will mean that all five condo units lining the front portion of the course will be under the control of Gregory and his partner, Mike Suchy.

“We’re trying to develop a community asset. One that not only we are proud of, but the community is proud of,” said Gregory. “Without having control of all of it, we’ve never been able to do that.”

The business partners have owned one of the buildings for nearly two decades. Two years ago, they purchased two more buildings and began the renovation process of updating the 25-year-old structures. The remaining two buildings,  pool and land were being sold Saturday as part of court order.

Gregory said their plans are to use two of the buildings with a stay and play marketing strategy, one for vacation rentals and two for long-term leases.

“We’re committed to bettering this community as we can do it through the golf course,” said Gregory. “I also bought them to protect my investment.”

A total of 19 condos, four motel rooms, four offices, storage area and pool house were included in the purchase.

Gregory originally bought the 278-acre Tanglewood Golf Course in 1989. A short time later, he bought an additional 27 acres to the north of the property.

In September 2009, Gregory and Suchy pledged to donate a five-acre tract in the effort to build a community center. The land intended for the donation is located just behind On the Way Cafe, between the driving range and Tanglewood Dr.