Taylorsville-Spencer County Fire Department teams with company to offer rapid entry systems

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By Mallory Bilger

Spencer County residents might not be aware that the Taylorsville-Spencer County Fire Protection District has teamed up with a national company to offer a service that could save a business or residential property owner’s building from being unnecessarily damaged.
The KNOX-BOX rapid entry system program, offered through KNOX Life Safety Systems, is only available through the fire district and can only be utilized by property owners with the box. For those who purchase a KNOX-BOX, the rapid entry system allows business and homeowners to have a locked box on-site that holds an entry key only accessible through a master key held by the local fire department. The box allows firefighters to enter the location of an emergency without having to break down a door or bust out a window, saving property owners money in instances of false alarm or minor emergency.
Fire Chief Nathan Nation said the rapid entry systems are used by numerous fire districts in the area, and that the department itself does not monetarily benefit from offering the service. He also pointed out that each fire district’s rapid entry system is keyed differently, so there is no threat of someone from a neighboring fire district being able to open local boxes.
“One thing we like about it is the fact that it allows the property owner to maintain the keys there on location,” he said. “We have quick access.”
Anyone interested in purchasing a KNOX-BOX must go through the fire department to do so. Prices depend upon the system selected and could start at $100 for residential boxes to around $500 for systems serving businesses or apartment buildings that hold dozens of keys.
 The fire department must sign an authorization paper before the box can be installed. Nation said some local churches and businesses – especially ones that have frequent alarms sounding -- had inquired about the fire department offering such a service. He said those inquiries drove his decision to seek out KNOX as a rapid-entry service provider.
For additional information, contact the fire department at 477-3228.