Teen harvests 29-point buck

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By John Shindlebower

Talk to Mikie Monroe and you’ll be impressed by her manners. She’s quick with a “Yes, sir” and unlike many 14-year-olds, isn’t a bit shy when it comes to talking to adults.

But what has local hunters impressed with the Spencer County freshman, and more than likely, a bit envious as well, is the 29-point buck she took down on her family farm a couple of weeks ago.

Monroe, the daughter of Michael Paul and Sheridan Monroe,  had been hunting with family members the day before when they spotted the mammoth buck on the edge of some woods, and she and her father made it point to return to the spot the next day.

“We had seen it coming out on Saturday afternoon and we knew it was big,” said Mikie, reliving the moment.

Returning to the area the next day, it wasn’t long before Mikie spotted the animal again, took aim and fired. She missed on her first shot, but quickly fired a second time and hit it in the gut.

The deer fled, but eventually she and her father found the animal and retrieved it. Field dressed, the buck weighed in at 190 pounds, and its rack officially scored in at 26 points.

“They said it would be the Spencer county record,” said Mikie, adding  that other hunters have been quick to congratulate her on the buck that they can only dream of having a chance to tag.

“They’ve all told me they were proud of me,” she said.

The big buck wasn’t the first successful hunt for Mikie, but it surely was the most memorable. “It wasn’t my first one, but it was my biggest,” she said.

The freshman at Spencer County High School said she’s been hunting  “ever since my daddy was able to take me in a car seat,” she said.

A lot of girls may be a bit skittish around guns and squeamish around animals,  but Mikie said she loves the thrill of hunting.

“I just love being outdoors and just having the feeling, the crazy feeling you get when you get a deer,”  she said,  adding that the joy of hunting is something she intends to pass on to her children one day.

If they share her love of the outdoors, they’ll surely want her to repeatedly share the story of when she took down one of the biggest bucks in the county’s history. They’ll get a chance to see it too, as she’s having the buck mounted for future display.

“We’ve got a special picked out for it.”