Trout in the classroom

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By The Staff

The Louisville Chapter of Trout Unlimited is sponsoring the Spencer County “Trout in The Classroom” Project.


The husband and wife team of Sean and Shannon Buynak are pioneering the project in Spencer County. Sean teaches 8th grade at Spencer County Middle School and Shannon is a 3rd grade teacher at Taylorsville Elementary.

 Each classroom was the recipient of 300 rainbow trout eggs from the Wolf Creek Hatchery.

One Friday afternoon, Bill Drury, Spencer County magistrate, and Steve Darnell, a Trout in the Classroom mentor, along with Gordon Deapen, walked into Mrs. Buynak’s class. The classroom was packed with about 75 third graders that had eagerly been awaiting the arrival of a small blue cooler.

The students gasped in awe as Bill pulled out a small plastic bag. The 300 brightly colored eggs looked like small orange eye balls. It was like three hundred eyes were looking out and 150 eyes were looking in!

The students were filled with questions as they all got to see the eggs up close before they were put into their new home in the classroom. About a week to ten days later, the eggs started hatching and the excitement has continued to build.

 Students at both grade levels are responsible for feeding the fish, testing the water quality, and monitoring changes in the tank. Sean and Shannon will use the program to teach the children how the lives of the trout depend upon their actions just as our local streams rely upon the actions of the communities that surround the streams.

In the classroom the students will participate in cross-curricular lessons in the areas of reading, math, science, and social studies.  They will also work closely with members of the community, members and mentors of the Trout Unlimited chapter, as well as the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife in learning how our natural resources can be preserved for future generations.

Pictures of the classes can be found on Trout Unlimited’s website www.troutintheclassroom.org.

The students are looking forward to the “Rock and Roll Release Picnic” in May where the 8th and 3rd grade students will be teaming up with one another and releasing the trout fingerlings into a nearby stream and into their natural habitat.

The day will conclude with  some fly fishing.