Trout release

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By The Staff

Students from Spencer County Middle School and Taylorsville Elementary School recently released about 130 trout into Otter Creek after raising them for months in their classrooms as part of a Trout in the Classroom project.


With the Louisville Chapter of Trout Unlimited as sponsors, the husband and wife team of Sean and Shannon Buynak led their students in numerous cross-curricular lessons. After the delivery of more than 300 trout eggs earlier this year, Sean Buynak’s eighth graders and Shannon Buynak’s third graders found their classwork in reading, math, science, and social studies integrated with the life cycle of trout. They also worked closely with members of the community, members and mentors of the Trout Unlimited chapter, as well as the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife in learning how natural resources can be preserved for future generations.

At the Rock and Roll Release picnic May 15, students began with a lesson about streams. They were asked to gather specimens to determine the health of water habitat at Otter Creek. Using nets, students gathered crawfish, snails, may flys, larvae and even a non-poisonous Northern Water snake.

Then, each of the students had the opportunity to release one or two fingerling trout into the cool stream.