Two arrested for ‘shooting up’ in parking lot

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Falmouth residents charged for possessing heroin, paraphernalia

By Shannon Brock

Two Falmouth residents were arrested last Tuesday in the Country Mart parking lot after a concerned citizen reported to police that they were “shooting up” in their car.


Taylorsville Police Chief Toby Lewis received a walk-in complaint at the police department just before 5 p.m. last Tuesday.
Officer Damon Jewell responded and was assisted by Lewis and Officer Kenneth Bledsoe.
Upon arrival, Jewell found Kevin A. Highlander, 40, of Broad Street in Falmouth, and Tina L. Scott, 34, of West Shelby Street in Falmouth, inside a black two-door car in the parking lot.
Officers asked the subjects what they were doing, and “both subjects stated, ‘nothing,’” according to the arrest citations.
Highlander told Lewis he had shot up about 15 minutes ago, according to the citation.
Regarding Scott, Jewell wrote, “I asked the female subject if she had anything on her and she stated no. I took the female subject’s purse from the vehicle and asked if anything was in there I need to know about, and she stated no.”
Jewell asked if he could look inside the purse and upon doing so found a small makeup pouch.
“I found a piece of foil that was folded up tightly,” Jewell wrote. “I unfolded the foil and inside the foil was two small, light colored rocks that looked to be heroin.”
According to the citation, Jewell read Scott her Miranda rights and she agreed to cooperate.
Lewis located a small piece of foil inside Highlander’s front left jacket pocket. Highlander was also read his Miranda rights, the citation said.
Both subjects agreed to cooperate and to talk to police.
“Inside the vehicle, we found one syringe, a pack of razor blades and one box of aluminum foil,” Jewell wrote. “Male subject stated he had crushed up some heroin and diluted it with water and shot up approximately 15 minutes ago.”
Highlander and Scott were each charged with first-degree possession of a controlled substance (heroin), first offense, and buying or possessing drug paraphernalia.
Both Highlander and Scott had multiple track marks on their arms and hands, Lewis said. And Highlander admitted to shooting up multiple times a day, he said.
No Spencer County court dates had been set for either subject as of Monday afternoon.