What would we do without Easter?

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By The Staff

Last week had me thinking about a lot of different things: life, death, sorrow, regret and how life is so unfair. I hope you have heard the saying “bad things happen to good people” because it’s true and God knows it! Take, for instance, my friend Brooke. she was only 28 years old and she had already dealt with several life-threatening surgeries in her short life, situations no one her age should have to deal with. Yet through it all she was a phenomenal spiritual leader and a dedicated ordained minister. It had been well over a year since I had talked to her and the day I finally decided to try and contact her I found out she had passed away. She was the best friend anyone could ever ask for! She was there for you when times were tough, to share an encouraging word or even just to tell you to get up and keep moving. She deserved to have all life could give, including many more years on this earth. Yet, her body wasn’t able to continue.

Bad things are happening to good people right now! They are, and sometimes there is nothing we can do about it! So just imagine in your mind if our Christian faith did not include an Easter! No Easter lilies, no sacrifice, no empty tomb, no promise for me and you. Life would be very different. I would probably be lying in bed right now deeply depressed and overcome with grief not only for my friend Brooke, but for hundreds of other people I have known throughout my life who have passed away. Our world would be much darker than it is today, believe it or not.

Today, though, we can pick up our Bibles and turn to Matthew 28:6 which says, “He is not here; for he has been raised...” Today we do have Easter. Today my friend Brooke walks with the Lord. A tomorrow will come, someday, when I too will be called to Heaven. We must not forget that even though bad things do happen, our great God says “I love the world so much that I have given you my Son so that all who believe will not die but will live forever with me in Paradise!” Let’s not let today get away from us before we turn to God and give thanks to God for giving us life. Let us live this life to the fullest with love and service until the day comes when we too will live in Paradise! I still miss Brooke, her laugh, her words, and the spirit she brought to everything. but through the tears we all shed throughout life, let each day end with this on our minds: “yesterday is sacred, today is a gift, and tomorrow is in the hands of God.”

Amen and Happy Easter