Will this weather ever end?

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School board struggles to find ways to make up missed days and preserve Friday graduation

By Mallory Bilger


The unusually cold and snowy winter is eating away at summer break and, as a result, Spencer County Board of Education members are attempting to avoid school in June and a mid-week graduation ceremony.
As of press time, local public school students had missed seven days including Monday and more ice and snow are in the forecast. Board members voted last Monday night to recapture four days in the current schedule if needed, including Feb. 14, March 28, April 7 and May 2. Because of recent snow days, students will definitely be in school Feb. 14 and March 28. Students will be in class April 7 and May 2 only if two additional school days are missed.
Superintendent Chuck Adams even went as far as suggesting Memorial Day as a possible make-up day in order to preserve a weekend graduation date. Currently schools are still closed Memorial Day, but that discussion highlighted the desperation caused by recent inclement weather.The school district holds its graduation at the Frankfort Convention Center and scheduling becomes an issue if school schedules are moved.
Adams said if additional school is missed beyond the four recaptured days, graduation would be moved from Friday, May 30 to Wednesday, June 4. The district has little flexibility regarding the convention center’s schedule, Adams said.
“I have no idea what February holds,” Adams said at the meeting.
Board members were very reluctant to discuss recapturing Memorial Day.
“It’s a federal and state holiday,” board member Janet Bonham said. “I have a reservation about the 26th and the other days I don’t.”
Board members Debbie Herndon and Jeanie Stevens were absent from the meeting, leaving Bonham, Sandy Clevenger and Ange McKinney to vote on the matter.
Adams said tough decisions have to be made in weather-related situations and there is no way to please everyone. The board will most likely continue to watch the calendar closely, as more inclement weather is in the forecast.