Writing is this teen’s passion

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By Robin Bass

Remember the name Larissa Eyvette Chesser. One day the moniker of this former farm girl may be on the cover of a best selling novel and plastered in bookstore windows across the country.

Chesser recently published “I Run with the Wolves”, her first – in what may be a series of – fictional novels about romance and the supernatural. It is the story of 17-year-old Kit Jones, a strong-will teenager who finds herself coping with feelings of abandonment after losing her parents in a tragic car accident.

“What do you do when you’ve lost the most important people in your life?” begins Chesser’s heroine.

The story follows Kit to the exotic islands of Hawaii where she moves to live with an aunt and uncle she has never met before. The strange new land seems even more foreign because she can not see the rustling palm branches or the surf crashing on the beach – Kit lost her sight seven years ago from disease.

“I fell into a hole of deep depression,” says Kit as she tells her story. “I thought that I would never be able to climb out, and after a while…I didn’t want to.”

Eventually, Kit begins venturing out on her own – exploring the beach near her new home. And that’s when she has a chance meeting with Sage Troutman. As their friendship blossoms into much deeper feelings, Kit can finally feel herself being pulled from her hole of despair.

“He was the only thing that kept my heart beating,” says Kit.

Chesser said that readers will enjoy the many twists as Kit regains her sight, falls deeper in love and discovers that her new beau has a secret – he is a werewolf.

“She judges him for his heart, not what he looks like,” said Chesser of her novel’s main character.

Kit’s devotion to Sage is later tested when his life is threatened and so is the exposure of his secret.

Chesser said “I Run with the Wolves” ends with a cliffhanger that leads into her second book, which is finished, but not yet published. She has already begun work on her third novel in the series.

The 2009 SCHS graduate said she started working on the concept of her first novel while a student at the school. Chesser began by writing short stories – mostly between classes – which later developed into chapters of the book.

When Chesser is not writing, she is reading. The self-described bookworm said she devoured Stephanie Meyer’s four-book “Twilight” series in only three days. In Meyer’s fictional tale of teenage angst and love, a high school junior unwittingly finds herself in love with a vampire. Chesser said after reading the popular stories, she wanted to use her writing to explore more of the life and struggles of being a werewolf. 

“Writing is her passion,” said Annett Casper of her prolific daughter who even designed her own book cover.

The 140-page, soft cover book “I Run with the Wolves” can be purchased for $24.95 at www.publishamerica.net/product89926.

Chesser is currently a student at Jefferson Community College in Shelbyville considering a major in writing.