• PHOTOS: Schubert has top bull, female in State Fair Angus Show
  • COLUMN: Masters of camouflage: Look out for stinging caterpillars

    This time of the year I am on the lookout for a variety of masterfully camouflaged stinging caterpillars.  The first time I saw one it sort of turned into a game:  I took Andy down to the Parrotia tree and said “can you find the caterpillar?”  He never did because this caterpillar looked exactly like the scorched edge of a leaf that would be a result of a long hot summer.  

  • COLUMN: UKAg Weather Center and Kentucky Mesonet offer new features to assist farmers

    When farmers want to know how the weather will impact their planting, growing and harvesting decisions, they can get a multitude of information from the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment’s Ag Weather Center website and the Kentucky Mesonet. Agriculture meteorologists Tom Priddy and Matt Dixon continually add new features to keep the state’s farmers and livestock producers in the know.
    Recently Priddy and Dixon updated the center’s PointAgCast to include additional information that farmers had requested.

  • COLUMN: Plan a fall vegetable garden

    Alright, I know, this last week already felt like fall but it really is only the end of August.  This year may just be the perfect year to pull off the perfect fall garden as a result. Ample moisture and relatively mild temperatures mean that a second round of planting for a fall garden can get a good start. The challenge with the fall garden is getting seed and seedlings to germinate and grow during the heat of the end of summer. If we stay mild we have a better chance.

  • COLUMN: Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your summer fun

    With the moist summer we’ve had in Kentucky, mosquitoes have had a prime environment to flourish and become a prevalent pest. They can make your life downright miserable. Many recreational and work activities have been ruined by the constant annoyance and irritation mosquito bites inflict.

  • Spencer County Fair exhibit results 2013 - Part 3

    Plate 6 Yellow Summer Squash
    Dillon Tindle, Blue 1st
    Gina Taylor, Red 2nd

    Plate 3 Zucchini Squash
    Dillon Tindle, Blue 1st
    Gina Taylor, Red 2nd

    Plate 5 Large Red Tomatoes
    Gina Taylor, Blue 1st
    Dillon Tindle, Red 2nd

    Plate 5 Large Yellow Tomatoes
    Gina Taylor, Blue 1st

    Plate 5 Small Cherry Tomatoes
    Cheryl Klotz, Blue 1st
    Gina Taylor, Red 2nd
    Dillon Tindle, White 3rd

    Plate 6 Roma Tomatoes
    Gina Taylor, Blue 1st

  • FFA news from the state fair
  • 4-H Spencer County Fair results


    SR Jewelry Beadwork
    Courtney Jeffiers Blue & 1st
    Lilli Hanik Blue
    Morgan Mayer Blue

    JR Folk Art
    Rebecca Panepinto     Blue & 1st
    Michelle Thomas Blue
    Megan Dysinger Blue
    Priscilla Reyes Blue
    Drew Lyvers Blue
    Leighanne Lyvers Blue
    Elizabeth Walker Blue

    SR Folk Art
    Darilyn Browning Blue & 1st
    Lilli Hanik Blue
    Leah Shelburne Blue
    Morgan Mayer Blue
    Nick Dysinger Blue

  • Spencer County Fair exhibit results 2013 - Part 2


    Painted Article, Acrylics, Oil and Other
    Angela Coonce    
    Blue 1st

    4 x 6 in. Color Portrait Print
    Shirley Thomas    
    Blue 1st
    Bill Dunning Red 2nd
    Morgan Mayer White 3rd

    4 x 6 in. Black & White Portrait Print
    Michelle Kersey Blue 1st
    Jan Travis     Red 2nd
    Cricket Chisholm White 3rd

    4 x 6 in. Nature Color Print

  • FSA working to improve crop insurance abuse

    Farm Service Agency (FSA) is now required to assist the Risk Management Agency (RMA) to improve the integrity of the Federal Crop Insurance Program through the prevention of fraud, waste, and abuse.