• 4-H Spencer County Fair results


    SR Jewelry Beadwork
    Courtney Jeffiers Blue & 1st
    Lilli Hanik Blue
    Morgan Mayer Blue

    JR Folk Art
    Rebecca Panepinto     Blue & 1st
    Michelle Thomas Blue
    Megan Dysinger Blue
    Priscilla Reyes Blue
    Drew Lyvers Blue
    Leighanne Lyvers Blue
    Elizabeth Walker Blue

    SR Folk Art
    Darilyn Browning Blue & 1st
    Lilli Hanik Blue
    Leah Shelburne Blue
    Morgan Mayer Blue
    Nick Dysinger Blue

  • Spencer County Fair exhibit results 2013 - Part 2


    Painted Article, Acrylics, Oil and Other
    Angela Coonce    
    Blue 1st

    4 x 6 in. Color Portrait Print
    Shirley Thomas    
    Blue 1st
    Bill Dunning Red 2nd
    Morgan Mayer White 3rd

    4 x 6 in. Black & White Portrait Print
    Michelle Kersey Blue 1st
    Jan Travis     Red 2nd
    Cricket Chisholm White 3rd

    4 x 6 in. Nature Color Print

  • FSA working to improve crop insurance abuse

    Farm Service Agency (FSA) is now required to assist the Risk Management Agency (RMA) to improve the integrity of the Federal Crop Insurance Program through the prevention of fraud, waste, and abuse.

  • COLUMN: Sawflies strip dogwood foliage

    One of the very first insects that I identified as a young gardener was the pine sawfly. We had planted over a hundred white pine seedlings over 30 years ago and after a decade or so we started to lose a couple each year to one problem or another. Daddy charged me with inspection duty. Looking for and plucking bagworms; collecting beetles in jars for identification at the County Extension Service; or closely noting the color, legs and chewing habits of the various caterpillars I encountered.

  • COLUMN: Blue-green algae poses threat to farm animals

    Over the past few weeks, there have been several deceased animals diagnosed in our area by drinking water that has been contaminated by blue-green algae.  Dr. Gerry Dill alerted me to this and I appreciate him letting me know about this.  He also passed along the following information.  Dr. Cynthia Gaskill, DVM, PhD, clinical veterinary toxicologist at the University of Kentucky Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, provided this information.

  • COLUMN: Bishop, Goodlett represent Spencer well at state horse show

    Congratulations to Kelsey Bishop and Madison Goodlett for representing Spencer County 4-H at the State 4-H Horse Show in July at the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center’s Broadbent Arena. They both did a great job and were recognized at this wonderful state event.

  • 2013 Spencer County Fair Dairy Show Results

    Showmanship Classes:
    Keaton Baird

    Tyler Tindle – first
    Abby Watts – second
    Kelly Baird
    Jackson Baird
    Bryce Sipes

    Stetson Baird – first
    Dylan Tindle – second

    Division: Ayrshire

    Heifer Classes:
    Intermediate Calf
    1. Kim Knasel, Taylorsville

    Intermediate Yearling
    1. Kim Knasel, Taylorville    

    Junior Champion

  • District 3 4-H Tractor Driving Contest results
  • 2013 Spencer County Fair exhibit results


    Lady’s Dress
    Patti Davis        Blue 1st

    Lady’s Blouse
    Patti Davis        Blue 1st

    Clothing Article, Other
    Patti Davis        Blue 1st

    Polar Fleece Article of Clothing
    Patti Davis        Blue 1st

    Table Runner – any fabric
    Shirley Thomas    
    Blue 1st

  • Local 4-H members recognized at state communications day

    The 2013 State Communications Day was July 13 at the University of Kentucky campus in Lexington. I am so proud to say that everyone from Spencer County did an outstanding job, and Lilli Hanik was a state demonstration winner.
    Junior Animal Science Demonstration: Blue ribbon – Casey Montgomery demonstrated “How to Prepare for A Hog Show.”
    Senior Performing Arts Demonstration:  First place and blue ribbon – Lilli Hanik demonstrated “The Beautiful Noise Maker.”
    Senior Job Interview: Blue Ribbon – Lilli Hanik